This meditation practice uses sound vibrations as a focal point for the attention.¹ Open up the playlist and select a song. It is highly recommended to start with the first one and work your way down in the following sessions. Headphones are highly recommended to effectively position yourself amidst the sonic landscape. Pick an adequate volume to drown out surrounding noise. Remember: Maximum volume yields maximum results yields maximum damage to hearing, so be safe.²
Before starting the music. Sit down cross-legged with support for the back, or lie down with support for the neck. The posture should be relaxed but engaged. Clothing is fully optional in this meditation. Strip down to what is most comfortable and least inhibiting to your chosen posture.
Rest your eyes on nothing in particular, allow the full range of vision to enter into your perception. Take a deep breath in through the nose, and out through the mouth. With every breath out, attempt to release more of the tension caught in your muscles. Repeat this cycle until you feel sufficiently relaxed into an active posture. On the next exhale, close your eyes.
If you find it hard to relax, put a blanket over your face to drown out more light. You can also put a blanket over your entire body for a more closed off experience. Only do this if it’s comfortable, because it can become stuffy and sweaty.
If the body feels comfortable, effortlessly carried by the earth; and/or carried on the spinal cord, it is time to retreat into your personal sanctuary. Your temporary refuge from the ego. In a moment you may start the music, the vibrations of which you will keep in your active attention for the entire duration of the song and then a bit.
Start the music. With the arrival of the vibrations, turn your eyes inward and gaze into the hollow cavern of the skull. The absence of the brain signifies the release of the substantive self. Sit within the empty eye sockets, the entrances to your hollow, and stare at the back wall. See how the aural vibrations start to ripple this wall like stones dropped in a pond. Follow with your vision where the sound distorts your skull.
When you are ready, slowly move closer towards t
he rippling wall. Move deeper into the sound and enter into the resonance between the vibrations. Break through the surface of the wall
(think going through a painting in Super Mario 64) and transcend the physical body. Inhabit the sound and stay here as long as you want. If you feel your body sink back into reality, or thoughts distract, you can always re-center yourself on the ripples and immerse into them once more.

Where do you 'see' the vibrations rippling the cavern walls?

As the song finishes and the vibrations subside, drift back into the skull and sit for some more minutes in the entrance of your cavern. Linger on the echo left behind. After a few moments, release it and take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. On the exhale open your eyes. Take your time to return into regular space and time. Stretch out, massage your body, slowly get up and don’t look back. Leave behind your cave until the next meditation.
1. It might be good to start with a meditation for transcendence by raphael Reiter on which this technique is based.
2. A bastardization of Sunn 0)))’s dictum.